Painted illusions

Fallen trap

To your serpent slithering words

Dangling, dancing swords

Red spills to the floor

Agony of reality

Collapsing thoughts

Succession of memories

Trotting timeline

Blistering limelight

Pressure cooker

Make your move

Take a poke

One voice to be spoke

Ending in silence

Last resort to the violence

Crumbling empire of dirt

Tapered, well-worn tee shirt

A gamble with fate

A date to end

Beginning to close out

Reflecting steel

It’s your lies I repeal

Aim to kill

For I’m the one who couldn’t feel

Robber of the grave

No more games

Break these chains

Onwards we go

Puncturing, pushing you back out of my thoughts

It’s for freedom we fought

Alone I sought

Your faithless actions got you caught

I’m goon on

On to the next level

Today I bleed out

Leaving you behind

A trail

A mess

An illusion of my timeline

In the end I know it’ll be fine

Awaken, to the realization

That you are no longer part

I passed your labyrinth walls of the Asylum

I move on

Take freedom back

It’s all mine

I’m a worry free man

I’ve written the plan

Walked a dust, sandy mile

For the life I compiled

I’ll stick around

Check mate!