Brushing along the meadows

The felt like leafs tingling through damp palms

Skipping beat

Tireless feet

In stride

Off with the scampering wind

Thought of

Recollection of time well spent

Into the night

A feverous fight with sleep

Above the clouds I hold

Taking a road narrow, and bold

I was left out in the cold

Made my way to the warmth

Found my way back from steep valleys

I’m climbing

Climbing back

Moving forward

Taken in the surrounding silence

Remnant of the moment

Fearless survivor

Playing a deck full of joker’s

Handful of soil

Risen from dirt

Grown to a beautiful tree

In this life

I am free

I know what can be

Sight as far as the eye could see

I know the real me

Taken the mile

Someday I’ll be another file

John Doe

Some have names

So played the game

Others never had or took a chance for change

Rearrange thoughts

It’s not something taught

Not bought

It’s through living

Inspired by giving

For the only thing taken

Was the road ahead

I’ll share my bread

Go ahead!

Make your bed

Take back your head

Lay it all out there

Go get it!

Rise from the rebirth

Success is the thirst

I’ve seen the mission since birth.