Desolate eyes, a drooping face

No place in this space

Another misfiled case

The arms of liberty embraced

For all injustice

Relentless at pushing forward

Aiming for a new found truth

On last call inside a roadside phone booth

As I recall you were apart of my youth

It was a tall glass that helped smooth

Dancing groove

What’ve I got to lose

I was meant to break the rules

Living by no structure

It’s the explosion, erupting a flow of magma

Hot ash rises in the mist of awaking

Glowing lava

Pouring down

Avalanching to the foot heels

Scratching away at walls

Tearing up crumbling infrastructure

It’s a cycle endlessly spinning

None have dated it’s beginning

A acoustic bell ringing off

Loud out of the steeple

Village gathered people

Citizens of the misinformed

It’s a life appeal

In the old papers I choose to repeal

It’s my life I feel

I should be at liberty to choose, freely

Who makes it to the higher elect chair

It’s no longer there

I’ve torn down your lies

Burnt your house of greed

Given all your dollars to feed the need

I’ve come from a different breed

The working, spirit, free, being

It’s time, the hour has struck

I’m your mud I’m no longer stuck

Thundering, crashing I’ve found the sign

Taken the mountainside for a climb

Seen the elements in full swing

Sparkling diamond along the rugged, narrow Spring

Numb to your sting

Prepared, loaded, ready for action.