Scars sinking, embedded, non refundable the pain never fades, this anger inside grows, tainted thoughts endless in flow, no place to go, I catch myself running into walls, narrowing empty halls, kick the dirt, keep it moving to much emptiness, I must find my way, get to the top, get to that place I was destined, I can’t run around pretending, one day, someday I will be filled…cleansed from these thoughts, I’m sure of this. I know I’ll make it, it’s the waiting, saturation in this muck, I feel stuck, ducking dodging bullets, and I’m caught in the crossfire of my own self. I think I need to run for sometime go stealth, create a place that I could spend my wealth, beaten down from the whipping belt, numb, on the run, from your gun…boom! I’m gone. Time to fly away, recipient to your potus spewing words! Enough, I flee to the free scenery! I’m a free man! Living from the land, wondered distant sands. Taking back what is mine, clear from the inside.