I’ve been waking my soul, doors still turn cold shuttingin my face, I’ve brought you pain, and disgrace, unacceptable for the last place finish, polish up, get it together, build the fortress, temple of sacred discovered mindful insight, of the world that your soul belongs to. Existence, glowing forth in the sunshine, luminous in daylight, Oceanside, upon staggered rocks, friends nearby gathered, all to join the climb, deep in the sands, toes blistering of miles walked, silent no one talked, I shall never be burnt from your rays, molded from sands of ancient desserts, hero of the waking Sun. I’ve lived all I could, I become one of none, son on the run, emptied gun, insufficient funds, I’m returning all that I put into, for I must pass through, continue on to the next dimension, awake the next version of what I once lived.