A infinite swarm of possibilities, arrive at your doorstep, the execution of the innocent, in hereby mid century square, a hatchet, viscous thirst, living to see the day of a path, short cut, to a frowning, drowning death, gasp for breath, grievance upon the shoulders of the associated, droolingwild dog, fever riddled man, confusing agony of deceit, crumbling temples of conflict, sorrowing, down dried up lakes, dessert hiss of a nearby rattlesnake, a place heated, mirage of delusional, evasive illusion, strikes at a time of melting heat, a trickle of the nearby creek, into a finest hours peak, a crow screech with a tamed wild beak, I patience of trial and error, awaits, a million miles down the road, buzzard swarming circling, all around an infinite doors, leading to a realm of uncertain possibilities, a walk into an unknown void, a peak into the mind, inside a door awaits, open it up take a look, see what’s on the other side.