Tired horse, a hurdled course of obstacles, a narrow, distant finish line, a nursery rhyme of trance, only could be heard from animal to child, infantile laughter, the wise one has foresight, seeing what ahead withholds, what awaits around this jagged turn, a loose insomniac, twitching, anxious to find the answer, a sable, full of pain, a open lane, open barn doors, kick the misery and gallop down the road, take the turn, over the mountain side cliff, see a valiant sea of freedom, awaiting a lick from the child, raised from habitat of innocence, a free life, from a forested upbringing, the unconditional love brought forth, to a broke world of aching hearts, nibble of a nourished patch of grass, a steady run ahead, to a free life at last, uninterrupted flourishing growth, a time to break open stables doors, a time to soak in sunshine, no more wasting daylight, it’s our band of horses, that can live now, for a free Love, a gift from nature, a horse to ride into light, let it shine bright, keep course and take the reigns. Run! Run! Run! Through to the sea, take a share in the fountain of prosperity, growing a larger role in the peaces of love, gallop in thumping, beat of stallions gathered to ride in mystic burning sunshine, takin the course for a wild ride, down the countryside, of staggered, edged mountains, a sequence of freeing, once stolen life. Live on to your true calling, living for a spiritual symbol of love. Noble stead, to the collection of species among a universe, of war and lies. We take time to recognize your affect among the living, walking, talking blind.