A denial, a fearless survival, a shimmering glimpse of hope, a scent of lavender, roping, luring me closer to a mapped out garden, dug, planted seeded with Lavender, the crisp air, creeping winds, scurry across the hairs of my neck, a sense of entrapment, I’be fallen too, another slip into a forested, caged denial, a deep thirst for blood pours out the vile, the women of lavender has come to draw a taste, staggered fangs, lingering streak of empathy for the saving of ones moral soul, a gasp, another lost, crippled to the cost of denial, served from the dark gloomy vile of deceit, to many failing to realize, mesmerized, hypnotic, to the point of mind control, you have the option to smile or sell ones soul, to the women in Lavender. Don’t take the veil of deceit, it’s a defeat, with no retreat, make your move, out of a labyrinth, forested garden of Lavender.