A snare of a distant drumming, out deeper into crackling branches, a wooded hollow humming, defying the logic of constant pressure, I feel the forest closing in, vine wrapped, tangled in the woods, open edged axe, sifting, chopping, making way through, to the other side, what does it withhold?  I’m breaking through, I could see the enlarged sun glaring over mossy fields of green, a captivating scene, somewhere I could relate, free your mind, let go of the shadows, soak in sun kissed daylight. Freedom in sight, soles of the feet, swept clean, another climb to the hill of infinity. Put it all behind, make it a wonderful life. Take the map, make a move, take direction, for its time to overcome the infection, that was injected from a darkened fear, a cabin harboring morbid souls, a sinking hole, escape was expected, for they couldn’t protect me from, self driven anguish, to a point so numb, it was I who overcome these odds. Primed, for the highest point period of a time of living, the opening to light is in sight. If I could hack my way through, I’ll make it in time, I could feel it, a distant drumming, the awakening of a dissolving pain, it’s me he one who’s overcome and made it atop of the highest mountains.