I flee from these thoughts, free from the shallow faces, I've gone and wondered to the place I feel I compliment. I never had this intent, it was written, with fate. I've achieved this happiness trait, bring a joyous return to my soul and erase this deepened dark hole. I've let go of the dark clouds that’ve consumed my thoughts for too long, not sure when it wen’t wrong, yet here I am making another day of what I've been gifted. In this life I've been weak, strong, and not sure if I'd ever belong. I've waited out the vicious tides, it's sunk me under into riptides, drifted out into sunsets, memories that entrenched deep enough I could never reach. Your voice senseless in absent preach, to my pain I'll never take a hand to reach. I cleanse away all that wen’t sour, this life has given the power to show the others that, the next wave of empowerment will arrive, you'll survive. Stay long enough to find out. Don't go back to your hideout. Get out there and combat it, with a furry of being lifted to where you always belonged, right here back on the ground that's been later down for you to walk upon, make your mark. Leave an impact. I've learned this through fact.