Ejected from the skies from above, your love spread across the land, the pain I saw, your eyes I couldn't stand. Unleashed the infrastructure to my heart, hardwired the engine to my soul. Your life, lives on, another heartbeat closer to you. Your forever with my soul, bonded to this universe we've become. From a farmers field to my suburbs. Running through my childhood, a friend to talk to who never replied, with words. Seen it all from the start. I know you've must be going on now. I will forever hold you leashed to my heart. Find your Peace in the Sky above, save me a seat, I'll join you again, I'll see you again in the light, at the gates, dancing on clouds, sleeping so sound, your were no hound, I couldn't imagine a better friend. Keep shinning on. For your flame in my heart will never be put out. Till the next time we share a sunny together, I'll be at the gate looking, for you my dear ol’  friend. Rest Easy, into mystic clouds above.