Distant photograph, is it me?

I don’t know

Can this pain set me free?

I surrender

Back on track

How long will the road go…

Dancing in my head, come to the show

Filled rows

Dignity sold

The hungry search for gold

Vision of a man alone, and cold.

Does this shoe fit

Only you can take grip

Room 227

IV drip

We’re losing him

The lights fade

Take this story to the grave

I can remember times of happiness

Grazing the neighborhood lawns

Does this make me complete

Growing Into my feet

I could see the hills for miles

A foreign culture than, the roots I’ve come from.

Hippie, stoners, and freaks.

Sometimes the scene doesn’t make sense

Ripping In two, I’m torn.

Which way to go?

Have I been hear?

Stepping closer to the edge.

I break for the water below

Crashing into the tide

Goodbye, it’s been a heck of a ride.

Send my love to those who know the story.