Rising, riding out into tempered waves, pushing against the stones, drifted to nearby shores, dropped, tripped into doors, shifted reality, calm pressure, gilded, guided edged wings open in free winds, a new road to begin, another chance of freedom, embark on a new set out journey, kissing blarney stones, reversion of happiness, re collect all the data, analyze, create a better odd future. Spark of acceleration, pace to the sandy finish line, moment of dry living, a chance worth giving, keep sane, take a step back from what became, take memories to regain, back into focus, re gain frame. Rolling tides, gallant seas of green blue, as a large grew, branch by branch, a climb to the top, overview of what lies above, perspective from bird’s eye view, up here in my tree, the only place to write, what lies ahead, I’m moving up stairs, taking the staircase to the attic. Wonder the labyrinth library of illustrated words, across worn pages. A vivid recollection of a time, inside the walls of imagination. Goodnight Stars, hello moon, mellow cool jewel June, dream't a moment of noon, remembrance of warm fuzzy dayz, a walked grassy Cove, along ocean grove, sea of love, sunset shoreline, mystic heated pool of the next direction. Freedoms playground, wonderful West, nest of the unique, universe of mislead, pumping barrels of ignited, eminent future of dived pitiful inequality, rally for Freedom. Hawk’s cry, unlock the door to the angel’s skies. Ride out the rough ride, tempered tide, I’ve given all the remains from the inside. Take into, consideration, for this is all the remains, from a withered tree, preserved from radiant seas, in the limelight I am me. Western Hall, corridors of Freedom, I have arrived.