Tall grass, a lifetime of the past

A gasp

Inhale of the passing wind

Creek flowingflapping fins

Where to begin

Take the road

Walked a while in the damp cold

Watching it all unfold

Streaming through cloudy, gloomy skies

Breaching stars at a dawn light moon

Shimmering on

Getting lost in the void

Losing touch with a habitat of misrepresented, a suffocating silence

Disallowed invasion to a door unopened

Re vamped, circulating through cycles

Transmitting signals

Uncharted triangle

Hunted trough a century of hunger


Render of peaceful existence

Capturing a moment

Timing the date

Nailed to history

Turning burnt edged papers

A cry rings out, echoing through the forest

Unwarranted changes

Striking Thunder, message of mistaken steps

Deeper breaths

Misguided lust

Lost trust

A misty morning, foggy to the aftermath

A day that worlds clashed

History of a walk into empty miles

Left behind

No time to hit rewind

Keep creating, what you imagined

Live it