Rising above the flames

Numb to your games

Attempting to drive me under

Take me into the muck

I’ve taken all I could stomach

You write another fable

I’ve laid all the chips onto the table

Robbed from the cradle

Your of the handles

I’ve drown in your disgust

Withered away, disintegrating away into dust

Your push your lust, I peel away to the road

Kept you away

Far as I could push

But I known you’ll come back to haunt

I remain aligned

Distant from your fame, a well established hole

Sinking many souls, victim to your games

Your record stands tall

Live for watching others fall

Watching you saturate in your self created muck

Speared by the taunted buck

Just no luck for you

Perish, just as the others who’ve travelled through

Scorching heat, blistering burn

Now it’s your turn

Play the game

Test your odds

Crawling back to the start

Beginning of a new day

It’s your own game, you’ve betrayed

An angel you portray behind

Twisted eyes

I’ve got a surprise

I’m the one who’s won the game

Claim your prize.