Kick out a leg for the rhythm

Strut to the beating drum

What has this night become

Somber song rings out

Lights glaring onto a well light stage

The voice break,  the cage unleashing a roar

Glorified in expression

Spinning direction

Then back to the audience again

Tranced, by the bending strings

Magnetic dance floor, keeps me sliding

Along the trot

I regroup for a collection of fiery moves

Swing around the room

Putting it all out

Tumultuous, succession, of instrumentals in chorus

I found a inspirational voice

Calling me to become one with the night

Take a moment

Regain sight

Don’t forget the fight

Climb to your destiny

Fulfill your soul tonight

Leave it all out on the electric floor

Keep a score

Tally the win

Time to relish in divine music

Play your anthem

Let your stage be light

Dance to your best

Keep your hips loose, and swift at the feet.

There’s no time other, than right now.