Gripping, taking hold once again and reclaiming sanity. A, life clean no profanity, not taken for certainly, living with utter gratitude. Showman, of equal and fair opportunity, seek of better reality. Risking, it all to take flight, wonder, set free to the world of endless possibilities. Roaming, sands, different brands, roadside stands, off into different soils, a quick witted, thorough, one none could foil. Never,  letting outside chatter ruin rays of sunshine in clouds of gray. Break through, penetrating dialogue, in sequences of historical timelines, times we feel off, got back up and started over again. I'll be here on shores riding out this life, into sunburst sunsets, I shelter my mind at free waves, splashing along western coves, I've been burnt far too many times by your stove, I'll find the garden, where I grow, leave before it dampens, gets cold, a place to happily grow old. Fly into the mystic, I new I wouldn't have missed it, some couldn't resist it, I remain persistent at what matters most, I leave behind a story of a once lived Holy Ghost. Get lost into transmitting milky ways, galaxies a far.