It's going to take sometime, to ease my mind, closer to the light I shut my eyes, into sleep I dream of your soft presence, in your pup I see resemblance. Gather, to feel your warm wet sniff, your memories never drift, your quickness, was swiftest to the table, the healing, left so many scars, me and your are not far apart. If only we had more time. I'd know you'd see a better finished product of humanity. I'll forever take your impact, with me everywhere. Keep smiling, ole friend, I'll see you again at the end. Your always lost just around the bend. Never like to be tamed or leashed. You’re a free spirit. Wondering blue skies. I'll come one day. Can't wait to hear your bark, for I'll not be far behind. The End. A story of a Golden Angel. Who filled a family, with Love. Some where blind and could not see. For Love and attention she howled for. Forever jumping around, being silly, just for fun and good laughs, rollover once more for your favorite belly rub, sneeze and come back for more, you precious angle, my Lanie. We All Love You. I'll be with sometime again, till then take care old friend.