Stargaze, morning wake to a slow opening haze, a transition into the following day, a beaming sunny ray, a empty house, cold tile, opened medicine vial, a emerging sun, a swift footed runaway, hiding, concealing his thoughts away, indigenous to society, living from the inhabited land, he’s far out into, the drying land, the eastern grains of sand, temples of gold, a burning light in the sky, blinding white, loss of speech, no more room to breathe, caught in the heated land, a tension of indifference, separating from a common, higher truth, blindly exiting the future of a misleading booth, it has darkened the stars, yet breaking through, a glimmer of reality, loss and fatality. None should surrender, to the grip of darkness, all shall prevail, shine, illuminating skies above, float on relaxed into the white light, entering the night as a dozen white doves, fly up with Winged grace, I’ll take this life in pace, enjoy each visited place.