Crow’s nest

Gasping break

Last wave of air

No return

Bottomed down

A slippery slide

Heated night drive

Bloody knife

Why’d you come

Where’d you run

After it’s done

Will you remember

What I left behind

Last December

Final moment

Deserted endangerment

Rage to halt

I know it’s my fault

I’ll go back

Back to the Crow's nest

A quiet birth



Calling for a sign

I know the fault was mine

I see where this flight will arrive

I don’t know how I’ll survive

I’ll learn it through a reset, restart

I’ll always be a wingspan apart

You knew it would end at the start

Back to the Crow's nest

I hope you know I tried my best

Gave all that I had, before I left

One more breath

I sink beneath

Back to the nest