A kiss, twist, flip of the switch, ignition kicks over, the start, of something real, country side orange peel, a dream of rolling home, down the road a lonesome wheel, summer feel, rainy night, it alright, when your by my shoreside, come take passenger, let’s go for a ride, I know we’ve got tonight, that’s right, come along for the uncaring future ahead, a hot machine, burning red, exhaust scolding, a reflection of shared love, we float together on a pair of white doves, silhouettes in the sky above, I’ve be reviving all night, I’m just pulling up, parked, approaching your doorstep, the butterflies are released, the door opens, a glowing face, to the one I’ve come acquainted with, woman of my wildest dreams, she glistens in the night, a glaring star, my ignition switch, the one I burn for, driving me mad, woman of my wildest dreams.