Sitting, waiting, saturating around sickness, a place of care, impatient patients, awaiting a diagnosis, the halls of this institute flood, with endless hypothesis, for people who are searching for Conclusion. These walls are an illusion to what it really provides. Temporary care, after you leave, with some wounds fixed, more occur, stress not, as they anticipate your next visit. Make sure you bring valid identification. Do you have coverage? How could you receive the medicine, that will temporarily heal your aches and wounds. If not, plan a small ceremony, as you’ll become another statistic to the failing, funded institution of corruption. Raking in a large some of capital, they seek your blood, your vitals, they want all your information, so they know who to contact when all hope fails. This, is a hypothetical institution of misdiagnosis. Bring, insurance, make sure to get your life covered or you’ll fall to there, chart of lifeless visitors. The many among deceased, due to failed diagnosis. What’s your coverage? Will you stick around long enough, pay more into, a facility that houses the sick, getting worse as the hour passes. Wait for the results.