Fluttering, onto beds of flower, resting on the nectar, taking in the aroma, floating in the wind, springing from flower to flower. The Winged Butterfly, scurries off, to find another place to rest tired wings, wondering over to the near by park, a band clashing, tuning instruments, the Butterfly, carries a whisper in the wind, floating with an extra push from a sonic boom of sound, back to his habitat, the trees, mossy fields and forested home of Wildlife. Butterfly, can you find the nectar to heal these broken wings, a cocoon a waiting the birth, of another chance to fly, can these be the wings, to secure the nectar, the nutrients to power, beaten down wings. I aim to soar, carless and free in the summer wind. Butterfly, take this flower, let it give you all that you require to fly once more, fly on, fly off, take care, beautiful Butterfly.