Channeling through the depths of blue, diving to coral depths, species bellow our beaches, dive under see what new lows can be reached. Waters that consume a larger part of our world, into the vortex, keep it swirling, the currents drawing me under, I’ve slipped into a blunder, I flee to the wake sound of thunder, I come to the open air, drying off in the sun kissed open sands of reclusive beaches. Trying to reach the bottom, rising to the top, I then aim for the stars, as the moon as my guide, I’ll be sailing through milky ways, the open waters of space, floating endless in time, gathering my helmet and suite, I slowly approaching the moon. These wings have gifted me flight, to the place my thoughts have been implanted. Submersing my soul, to the one and only soul, I have, to let grow, to let go, time to take it slow, watch for it will soon all unfold.