Running, through the thorns, piercing the layers digging deep into the inside. Branches snapping, boot laced up high, muddy impressions track a trail, less traveled, until now I've seen how it's all unraveled. Shifting, weaving through the trees, swing, swing, to the branches, sifting through realms of time, look for the peak to climb, I've run for miles, I can only see the road to the top, from here on out. Deers, come out to watch the mystic of human life, tracking through their habitat, muddy boots catch the minerals from the earth below, and time seems to move so slowly, in full stride. I've dug deep enough, from the inside, wonder as far out as the eye can see. Glancing, out to the world I've been shown, see all the life that has grown. Retreat, back to the asylum of thought. Sleepless, and rest I fought. This, trail has been a climb, let these nails not be driven, and all that I've wronged be forgiven. I've laid my mark in the muddy soil, release when I feel it start to boil, peaking at the top, on more visit to the crop, I've come to terms this will not be the last stop.