Misty Morning, stutters through, with whipping winds, brushing through this tired town, not a chance I'll repeal these feelings, in a sense I feel there's hope, in believing. In, the rain a weight of pain is washed away, there after comes the time of relieving. Foggy, structures erupt, with neon light, bringing righteous dollars to a the servants, under fed, and through the thick fog, we've sung the same old blue song, ponder on where we've veered off course, took paths that went wrong, only these experiences, will reveal how strong today's fog has guided us to see. The rain brings me to a place I'd like to be, looking out to the world so scandalous, and free, naked forests, reveal life grown from nurtured soils. Creatures, crawl into the earth for shelter, absorbing, consuming, taking in the nutrients that this earth has given me today, I see it clear through the rain, that I can dilute the pain, keep up, and remain Sane. Let, the rain pour on ourhead, in further search for answers that still remain, we have all to gain from today, time has passed through overcast clouds, I've heard it from the supersonic sounds, watched an unleashed thunder touch ground, observed from distant needles, racing to space, in the mist I contemplate fate, in a greater resolution, I see my fate. Milky ways, paved a million dimensions away, withhold a greater answer to the unknown, look how the plants have grown. It's no longer time to be alone. Take my hand, there's so much land to roam. It's beaming from the intergalactic glow, it's time we keep up, and learn from the rain, to forgive the pain. In the mist plays a deep blue, sung not words of glory, ones that paint a darker story.