Step off, into zero gravity rather be in a place to get lost looking to not be found. Enter the state of complete conscious peace. Leap around the trees, dance around in the twirling leaves. My thoughts I wipe clean, keeping the moment ahead of me, becoming present to my surroundings. The trees swaying, in the mile long hollows, see where your mind wonders, wii no care as to what follows. Racing through the forest! Looking to catch my shadow of who I left behind, a look into who's really inside. The creatures echo through a distorted whipping air, as I hurdle over down trees, racing through the forest. Freedom, of my mind let's me wonder to the Infinite possibilities! Taking flight I leave the ground, bracing for zero gravity. I enter a pause, a passing of deer, they prance through the forest, staggering through the wailing trees. Reaching a stream I go to splash the ice cold, water to my face. If I want to make good time I must keep my pace. For I have my mind to reclaim. Running through the forest crossing through to a distant mountain, that captures a chilling view. The peace that runs trough my body at the mountains top, leaves me a loss of words. Taking in the break taking moment. I have come to re claim my mind. Taking the journey off the road, to find the serenading echoed forest, which resonates through my soul. Stitching all that pained me, the forest is where I was made. To this moment, I've taken the air from all its producers of oxygen. The forest is where I can claim peace of mind. A special time for me to leave my feet, stepping out into zero gravity, to your revelation I am weightless.