Pulling, sinking me slowly, instinctively grip for the rocks around me. I fall to the dirt, fallen once again to the lows of what I once threaded out of. Drowning In fear, I keep clear of the ones who take me to this place. Unconscious, slipping into the grey I know it’ll kill me if I stay. Treason to the top again, looking for the peak. I’ve slipped off, but not for long. You bring me here again to smile at my pain. I’ve got only light to gain, kick in you to the curb. None, of this I deserved. I know I’ll make my way back. I’ve taken this road before, numb to your lies, how the time truly flies. I’m claiming back my sanity. For you cannot control my destiny, I hold the key to my future. I take back gripping once more, pulling myself above muddy waters. When I get back to the top, I’ll laugh of your games that were never won. To far, advanced for your agony. I’m headed straight for the Stars, you’ll never know how the brightness feels, how the sunshine tastes. I sip from the glory cup raise it to the sky. Bless the day, curse your misery, I’m here to stay, no more time to play your wicked games. I take back what I build, protect what you attempted to destroy. Now it’s time to set out on the endless road of Infinite chaos, block out the black, only see the white. Time to make things right, get back out, and continue the fight.