Ferocious, so distinguished, postured man in the suit, hangs from the blinded noise, wife arrives to the scene, frightened, released of horror, dreams from the cellar, the apparent happy man, relieves internal pain, kicking the can, dropping to shroud pain, release of liveliness. A burial of a tainted mind, no reason, no explanation, a story untold, a misery that when’s bound to fold, a shivering cold, darkness flees as the next shines through pains of glass, a early grieving mass, bursting bells ring aloud, grey clouds move south, ascending into the gravitational pull, magnetic, majestic walk to the moon, cocktails at noon, a room of gloom. Coated in deep black apparel. Unveiling, of the plot has been written long before, into the sky you soar, may you forever snore in silent sleep. Into the next ride jubilation for the man freeing up, for the angelic white light, way out of sight, gates to the next chapter. Live, full of laughter, gracefully sail to the mystic ponds, euphoric in the taming of a wild soul, intergalactic star flickering in the dawn. Back to the one you belong, relish in limelight of gifted creation, allowance to mimic the process, lost deep pines of green surrounded the serenity chirping in the free forests of inhabited beings of the universe. Claim, your name, impact your shared experience of determination of finding answers from within, casting a captivating reflection in light years, of frames of a timeline peaks, and valleys. Liberate your spirit.