Disunity, ruined, wrecked purity, captive to your reeling rope, drawing me closer, I reveal the mask of an imposter, fraud, I shed the skin, leave behind layers of the past, drunken, plunged to the depth of the elixir, substance of quick fixers, I look to change direction, I may never know till the next reflection, modular console, needs rewiring.

Drowning, swirling chaos I’ve lost sense of reality, but it’s too late, make the bed of fate, as I know my due date. I’m going up the mountainside, one way ticket, climb to the clouds, wonder off with the wind, swimming, I slowly sink to the oceans bottom, collapses, and falls. Accepting, all the failures, imperfections, lack of strength. I’ve lost a fight, drifting off into the night, I will wake as a star in the dim light sky, bark out to the ones I used to know, let them know I’ve past, my best, fell off with the rest. I held my breath, and wrote it down, I will now be going on, to the other side, find a galaxy, and float on home. Crashing, cradling in the gravity of infinity, I’ve found my place of serenity. I’ve loved you all plenty, it was me who was empty. I’ll illuminate for you, when I’m home, back to my side of the moon. Threading, stitched from the loom, another lost in he gloomy grey skies, taken off whisper in the wind, so long dear friend, till we meet again.