Diversion of my mind, it shifts for a brief escape. Time away from its regular routine, a time to clear foggy thoughts. The time in which allows our minds to open completely new, and past ideas, or thoughts. Let your mind formulate what you've not seen so clear on days before. Let the vision of what you created in your head not evaporate. It's useful to allow our minds to cleanse, clean the slate, and reestablish or establish thoughts that have been pent up with other knowledge circulating in our heads. Take a deep breath, the days of cleansing have come, and gone. Get back to your cycle of digestion, and obtaining knowledge that's passed around daily. Now that you've cleansed the mind, your thoughts have been brought to peace. We shall do this when we hit the overwhelming process of learning a new subject, or when adding knowledge to a subject. Now that we have all cleaned the slate. Let's all get back out there, there's much more to learn! We can never know enough!