There's a whole lot of suffrage, in the path to Success. Deal of peace, drowns our arms in blasted off shells. Into your eyes these mystics of castes realms. Deepest fears, of lights that shine so bright, as till the endless night I keep on the fight. Keep it for right to hold impact amongst those who couldn't hold too the pact. A moonlight of preservation, a new healing begins at dawn. Garden grows, in lengthy miles. Written on files, lives of faces that went missing from unknown places. Running from cold cases. This pain I feel, raining through erased past times. Had a time where I could find. The next place is the moon. Shipping off was a memory of last June. Wishing my time would come soon. Blistering lights, guides my path, back to a realm  once passed into. Crash into my rainfall, the unknown called the doubtful. For a slim glamour of hope. To a feeling we become so numb, once consider a thought so dumb. No time to throw it away, grow it in a misty morning. For this journey more than a ride to eternity. Happiness is a priority. Float on in damp times of repressed depression. Achievement of solitude runs wild, rebirth to a state of child. A balanced life you've compiled.